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Ghetto Punks are two homegrown techno, house and breaks artists from Florida poised to bring you an array of techno and deep house tracks inspired from their combined experience as nightclub/support/rave djs and as producers under their own monikers.  Ghetto Punks... Music is the Revolution.    Since 2016, we've been working together on this project and started some trends from the inside out. That's why you're here checking this page out...  Ghetto Punks Worldwide

We love God and the truth and want to spread that love through our music. We only want to spread good vibes and help others. We want to bring people together and help awaken anyone from the obstacles we have before us in life.  Our music is a getaway from the everyday pressures we face and hopefully we can transcend those positive vibes to the dancefloor. We trust in God and our only intention is to spread love through music and bring a higher collective consciousness to all. Peace... 



Into the Unknown

Storm Area 51

Disco Pimps



Deep Into The Vibe

Cosmic Planetary Alignment


N.W.O. - Hostile Takeover E.P. Vinyl 

Deep Into The Vibe (ReMastered)

House Music Fever

Blood Moon Buddah (future release)